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Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
10:58 pm
Tjäna!! (Swedish for sorta "whats up?" only not that lame
hi guys

god i feel so disconnected to everyone, haven't read people's LJs for ages!! twas fun catching up though... (a belated) congrats nat on passing ur driving test, you rock!

nothing too exciting has been happening in my life; just working, rowing, shopping and lots of trying-not-to-think-about-how-soon-i-have-to-go-back-to-uni.... oh and also last weel i went skiing at perisher!! it was sooooo much fun, despite the snow being crappy. i went with an exchange friend from grafton, who has friends with a house in jindabyne so we stayed there. no milo fence crashing this time, though i did have a very embarrassing injury. it wasnt even cool or dramatic so i could tell people about it- i fell randomly on a flat part of the ski slope, then since my skis were still on i decided to just get up without taking the boots off the skis.... in the process wrenched my back and had to be transported down the hill lying down in the back of a snowmobile.... lol. and when they were transferring me from the slopes to the tube to the medical centre i was referred to as a "walking injured" (since thank god i didnt need a wheelchair!).

anyway otherwise i have been keeping busy doing some work on a few shoots- 3 short films, a social doco, a cooking show and a tv pilot. the short films are being entered into the "Action-fest film festival"- being judged next month (crosses fingers). Being a first yr uni student i didnt think i could do much on set, however ended up actually getting a lot of experience in different roles- camera assistant, directors assistant, best boy, unit manager, production manager, location scout, continuity, stills etc. plus i am an extra in two of the films. i got 'promoted' for the tv pilot to camera operator, though we arent shooting until next month. anyway i had quite a bit of fun doing them (despite not being paid- its all volunteer work for experience!! lol). At least i get a copy of everything i have been a part of so yup.

well i guess thats enough of an essay for now. i am really sorry whoever i havent been able to catch up with these holidays (i thought i would have loads of time but turnes out i didnt...) but we will catch up, sms or email me when you have time!!

ps. anyone interested in *cringe* seeing the new superman movie with me sometime?? i sorta want to see it, even if it is crap... i just think it would be much better on the big screen.... oh yes or pirates of the carribean (or however you spell it...). yes i am needing to see those movies!!

and also if you haven't read "Candy" then you should. it is really really good- intense but you kinda cant put it down. i really want to see the movie now that i have read the book- which is better, anyone??

yup thats kinda it. gotta get some sleep since i have a cold early morning wake up call for rowing... (though i have been getting sooooo soft lately, if its raining i just dont go anymore- two years ago i would have just pulled on a waterproof jacket....)
Sunday, June 4th, 2006
10:45 pm
Party!!! This Saturday!!! Celebrate!!!
hi guys!

i know i haven't posted in AGES sorry bout that, been pretty busy, and plus my posts would have just been very boring anyway....

ANYWAY so i was wondering if u were free this saturday the 10th, coz a bunch of us are going to the eastern at bondi junction to celebrate the end of semester!!!!!!!! if you let me know by tuesday, i can get you on the guest list for free entry and complimentary drinks between 9 and 10, and you should come coz a bunch of us are going and it would be great to catch up with you all!! (i know nina, maddie etc r already coming!!)

so yeh, let me know by tuesday and i hope to see you there!!

otherwise we will have to organise a coffee or dinner or something to catch up.....

luv ya!
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
9:54 am
omg they cut out the rest of my "subject line" in my last post!! How offensive!!

ah well. i didn't even know they had a character limit on the subject, i didn't even think about it... hmmm there you go.
9:51 am
no subject can cover all in this post except maybe "Kattys random thoughts...." i guess everyones po
Pinch and a Punch for the first day of the month everyone!!! hahaha.

yay it is only 2 days till my birthday!!! bah. turning 19 isnt even a cool age to turn. and it sucks coz i had my 18th in sweden where it doesnt mean much. so everyone in australia is over having 18th's, and so i have totally missed out on where people go out to when they are 18..... hmmmmm

well anyway. being back in australia is ok.... i am missing sweden like crazy, but if i keep myself busy enough here then i wont think about it, and everything will be fine. and it has been nice to catch up with people here- not quite as i expected, but still good.

i must say i am loving the proper beaches (real waves, nice sand etc), proper sunlight and just the general aussie "laid-back" style.

Note: Does anyone have/know someone else who has, the first season of "Lost" on tape or DVD??? coz i got into the show over in Sweden (I know guys, cringe! but seriously, the english tv programmes were slim pickings!- and it is actually a pretty good show!) but i missed the first half of season one. it is a pretty important part of the series so i would really appreciate the chance to see it.....

well thats all for now... luv ya!
Katty xxx
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
9:24 pm
hey guys, just wondering if anyone had any plans for Australia Day?? Coz apart from the lucky people who are at the Big Day Out (dammit dammit dammit) i thought the people who missed out on tickets (or just didnt want to go) could maybe meet up and go out and make a celebration of it or something??? what are your thoughts??? Let me know anyway....
Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
7:45 am
back from the land of the vikings!
hey everyone!!

guess what!!!??? I'm back in Australia!!! and totally DIEING in the heat!!! everyone keeps telling me that the last couple of days have been quite mild, and that over new years it was 45 degrees or something insane, but i don't care!! Going from -12 and snowing to bloody humid +25 is still a big change!!

anyway i have to say being home is a little overrated. maybe that's just coz everyone is working so i haven't caught up with friends yet.... i dunno. if you aren't working and wanna meet up, give me a call, mu number hasn't changed!!

so otherwise things are good. i had some retail therapy yesterday and had a big family gathering on sunday. (thanks mum, i get home friday night, sure i am going to be bright and happy for sundays party- NOT) ah well, it could have been worse.

ummmmm sooooooo i better be off.....
Luv ya!!
Katty xxx

ps. maybe you were expecting some details on how my flight was, or a recap of my year or something, but i figured it would be really boring and no-one REALLY wants to read about other peoples travels....
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
3:35 pm
God Slut, Gott Nytt År, och God Fortsättning!!!!!
Hey Everyone!!

Happy New Year!!! that is "Gott Nytt År" in swedish, though for new years eve they say "God Slut" (good ending) and as of tomorrow they say "God Fortsättning" (good continuation/for the rest of the year- it doesn't really make sense in english...!)

Well my Swedish New Years Eve was lots of fun, I had a dinner party with some friends from school. though all my symptoms today COULD be attributed to lack of sleep, i did drink a little more than i had planned to last night.... It was a fun night, lots of chatting, eating, drinking, dancing etc etc. At about 10 to midnight, we all donned our boots and jackets and went out on the front lawn and watched a 360 degrees view of other peoples fireworks. We didn't have any of our own, but it was a very interesting experience to see fireworks randomly coming from peoples backyards!! hahaha. also at midnight we popped the corks of some cheap strawberry flavoured champagne (which tasted horrible) and toasted to the new year. I actually have a fabulous photo of the champagne being kept cold- by standing it in the snow of course!! hahaha. swedish teenagers are so funny with alcohol- u have to be 20 to buy from a bottle-o, so they all get drunk off cider thats like 2% or something!! they all gave me funny looks when i turned up with a bottle of vodka to mix with coke or juice... anyway apparently it is actually fine to do that, i just brought it out a little too early. they start off getting tipsy with cider or low percentage beer and then move onto the heavier vodka and tequila a little later in the evening.... ooops, excuse me for not knowing!!

It has been steadily snowing since boxing day which is awesome. the 28th was a little warm (that is about positive 2) so it got a little slushy, but then the 29th was back to 0 or just under, just perfect for snow! everyone is saying there is a lot more snow than usual, sometimes it comes up to my knees!!!! (not very often though, mostly just above the ankle). Of course I have been out in the snow having snow fights and tobogganing with my friends, and generally making the most of it.

Otherwise I have been at home trying to puzzle my way through the biggest mystery known to man- how katherine is going to get all of her crap home to australia!!! And by "all of my crap" i mean the stuff that i have selectively chosen from a whole lot of other crap that i am leaving behind.... i am posting some stuff home, but there is only so much i can afford to put through the post.... damn airplanes and their 25kg weight limit!! god help me is all i can say!!

Last week i have a goodbye party with some friends at school, on sunday i am having another one at my host families house, and then next week i am having one more. thankfully i am going to be able to see everyone i want to see before i leave!!! aw man it is so weird i cant believe i am going to be back in the blistering heat of sydney in less than 2 weeks!!!! (I get back on friday 13th Jan for those who don't know yet). by the way, congratulations sydney, you made the front page of the "world" section of the newspaper today with the bushfires.....

See you all soon!!!!
Luv Katty
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
3:19 pm

omg guys, so ok, the Lucia thing was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! i had to wake up at 4:40 thismorning so i could get to school bright and early for a choir rehersal before the performance. i borrowed my host family's Lucia dress (which only had to be taken up a little) and the school provided the red ribbon, candles and crown. i was really nervous (i wasn't really confident with the words of the last two songs) but still was really excited. some exchange friends came from a nearby town to watch me, and one of them taped the whole thing so i can show people at home. also some of my host parents and also my host sister came to watch, as well as my rotary councellor!!! so here are some pics, they aren't very good but i guess it is hard to take photos when the room is dark and people are only lit up with the candles they are holding....


me walking into the hall


the rest of the choir


whoa it totally looks like i am going up in flames!! lol


Me and my american exchange student friend Liz (also in the choir)


so yup, i have to go now there is a Luciafest (party) on tonight that i have to get ready for!! see you later xxx

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
9:06 am
stolen from nat:

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Thursday I bought porn for prettiestlies (10 points). In January I bought porn for forpixelssake (-10 points). In September I pulled eillomnworb's hair (-5 points). Last Sunday I stole _papillion's purse (-30 points). In November I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points).

Overall, I've been nice (291 points). For Christmas I deserve a shiny red ball!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

now at first i was going to say what the?? how random with all the porn, but then it was outdone by the busload of nuns in angola!!! hahahahaha. oh dear. yay i get a red ball!! just what i always wanted!! lol

in other news i am freaking out and getting more excited at the same time as i prepare to sing in a Lucia concert next week. this means i have to learn the words to about 7 swedish songs (all with 70 thousand verses!), and also a solo song since i am "The Lucia"- as in centre stage, wearing a crown of candles. god help me.

otherwise life here is fabulous, though i am looking forqward to reaquainting myself with the sun when i get back to australia (thats Jan 12th for those that are unawares as yet). seriously, the sun is rising at 9 and setting at 4, if indeed it wven bothers to get up at all!!!

Luv u all!!
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
10:55 pm
i can never think of a subject......
Hello all!

Oh my god I can't believe I am coming home so soon!! Seriously, time has flown by and i am struggling to fit in everything I still want to do before I leave. It is weird to think that I will be seeing all of my friends and family that i haven't seen in a whole year, though it really doesn't seem that long. And that i will be saying goodbye to my friends and families here in Sweden. In fact i can't even comprehend a time before i knew all my swedish friends- how did i ever get by without them? No, of course they could never match or replace my relationships with people in australia that have been built on for years and years, and yet still i have a special bond with people here because they were here for me when i had no-one else. When i was alone and knowing no-one, these people made the effort to get to know me. i hope i can stay in touch with as many friends here as possible but i do realise it is unlikely i can keep up all the friendships i would want to. anyway, enough about leaving sweden- i dont want to think about it anymore.

oooooooooooo guess what?? ok so first i will explain a little about a cute Swedish tradition, so you will understand my news: On December 13th, a girl called Lucia apparently goes around to peoples houses with a crown of candles in her hair, bringing light, warmth and hope to peoples hearts during the cold, dark winter times. This is sort of a Swedish folk tale, and now, every year choirs have a Lucia performance to sing all of these beautiful Lucia songs written about her and the traditions. The choirs are traditionally dressed in all white, and everyone holds a single candle in their hands. There is one girl who represents the Lucia, who also has a red sash around her waist and a crown of candles in her hair. I AM GOING TO BE THE LUCIA for my school choir's performance!!! oh my god!!! i am sooooo excited, Lucia is such a sweet swedish tradition, and i was just happy to be part of the choir doing it- i never thought i would be at the centre of it... Well i mean i tried out for the part, but i never expected to get it. i mean, on the day, me and some other lucia-hopefulls had to sing the song that i will now perform as a solo, as a trial so the rest of the choirs could vote on who they wanted to be Lucia. But that try-out day was the first time i had heard that song!!! (compared to everyone else who grew up knowing it and all the other songs we have to sing). Anyway so i will be Lucia, and sing the solo- i am sooooo excited but totally terrified that i will stuff up or forget the swedish words!!! i have about 5 or 6 sings to learn off by heart all in swedish, by dec 13th so pray for me!! lol. anyway it should be fun.

tomorrow i am going to denmark, staying there thursday-monday for a little sightseeing trip. i am also finally catching up with some danish friends who i met in australia last year. they both are in second year uni and we have really wanted to meet up this whole year while i have been here- so finally once we realised time was running out, we organised this weekend. Should be fun anyway.

i hope everyone is melting over there in oz, coz i am freezing my arse off here. temps sitting between -5 and +5, but the darkness is really getting to me. yesterday i watched the sun rise FROM SCHOOL!! now i dont care what you say, that is totally wrong!!

anyway must run, love you all and cant wait to catch up soon
katty xxx
Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
11:24 am
So hello everyone,

wow i am having a fantastic time right now (no more thoughts on how soon it is till i have to go home, just enjoying every second i can).

Last weekend I went to see a band called "The Sounds" which is a swedish alternative rock band who r really big in USA, and might be filtering into Australia too- keep a look out for them, they rock! anyway they were playing at a club iin a town outside of Lund, so i crashed at a friends house. and would you believe it, the next day, not too far from this friends house, was A CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL!!! wooohoooo (I am only the biggest chocoholic in the entire world! lol). anyway so that was a good weekend.

Yesterday I went on a tour of denmark with my host parents, including a trip to Princess Mary's castle and the one and only Hamlets castle too. A few weekends ago i had a hard time explaining why i had an alien drawn on my arm in permanent marker- apparently "It was an 18th party" is not really an explanation..... well i don't actually remember how it happened, i was drunk at the time- though i do remember writing "Katty loves you" on the back of some really hot guys back... oh dear. wonder how he explained that... lol ah well. it was a great night, though i had a hell of a hangover the day after. ps. if anyone can tell me if we have "Doolies" in australia i will love you forever!! It is the yummiest alcohol ever, a cross between Baily's and chocolate snaps...... mmmmmmm.

anyway apart from that, nothing exciting has been happening, school is same old same old. doing work here and there to keep the teachers happy, but not enough for me to get worried about, or that interferes with any of my other plans....

gotta run. hope everything is well there,

Luv Katty xxx

ps. i am having a technical problem that maybe you could help out with? I burnt all my travelling photos onto CD-Roms, so I would have more room on my memory cards. however now when i go to edit and label them, they are in read-only format. when i save them under a new name, i loose all the photo's data like date of shooting etc. i was wondering if anyone knew what i could do about that? is there some way to keep the data but format the picture??

pps. photos are on the way, just as soon as i get the above problem sorted out.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
1:37 pm
Hello hello all,
Well Sweden is now cooling down rapidly, temps between 10 and 15 during the day and down to 4 or 5 at night... And yet despite that, and the fact that the days are getting steadily darker, I find I am not looking forward to getting home in under 4 months. It is not that i am not missing my friends and family back home, indeed i am. but i know they will all be there when i get back, but i dont know when i will see my swedish friends and families again. Honestly i am having such a great time here i dont want it to end, the no pressure, the weight off my shoulders, the not having to think about what i want to do in the future and the guilt-free partying.

i guess i am also worried about how much i have missed of my friends lives while i have been away. new loves, old loves, starting uni, getting jobs. i worry that i have missed too much and that everything i know will be irrelevant. what if i can't fit back in? what if they have changed and i have changed too much? will people try to be polite, feeling sorry for the girl who was absent for a year and then couldnt find her feet? i would much rather be friendless and have to start from scratch than have haft-hearted friendships based on something that isnt there anymore. starting from scratch is hard, i know that, been there done that in january in sweden. and yet even that seems an age ago, when i could walk down the school corridors and not know anyone. when i could sit at lunch and not understand anything. when i felt like a guest in my host family's house. Yet with things falling into place, getting to know people, understanding more of the language and really feeling like someone else's daughter.

Well I am just about to get kicked off the school computers (when a class books them, its just like being back at BGHS), so I do hope you are all well. and believe me i am missing you, i am just enjoying myself over here as well. sorry about the rambling.

Luv Katty xxx
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
12:10 pm
oooooohhhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhh.... ouch....I am in so much pain right now...... I have just gone back to the gym this week after a whole summer break (plus a bit linger coz i was lazy before the summer holidays too). I think i am about to fall apart seriously, i am not even sure i can get off this chair. hopefully i can though in half an hour when my next class starts..... last night i went to a boxing class at the gym with one of the new exchange students who arrived here in august, Emily. Emily is from canada and seems really nice- willing to have a good punch and laugh through the class as well!! it was awesome and good to get to know her a bit better.. but... oh... the pain...

so apart from causing myself irreversible damage at the gym, i have been going out with friends a bit- there are a lot of birthdays happening at the moment. also tuesday night i went out with some exchange friends to see a production of King Lear by and american theatre company. my god it was so good! picture this- in helsingborg there is an old scandinavian castle from, i dunno, many centuries ago. just in front of it was a temporary stage set up which was the amazing setting that i watched this play in!!! funnily enough, King Lear was one of the few 'classic shakespeare' plays that i had not studied at skool, so it was all new to me. i have to say it was a bloody good play.

this weekend i am having 3 other aussies over to lund to hang out which will be a lot of fun- we all get along so well i cant believe i have only known them for 7 months. my god 7 months. i cant believe that i have been here for that long, it seriously feels like about 3. time is going so fast!!! cant wait for christmas to come, but then i dont want it to come too soon because that signals the beginning of the end of my time here.

autumn in lund is really pretty- at the moment it feels like the weather is still sort of holiding onto the last dregs of summer which is nice. the leaves are beginning to turn orange, red and yellow and the mornings are becoming crisper.

guess what guys? i have joined the school choir!! hahaha. it is so much fun, and most of the 18 people in the choir i have not met before, so more friends!!!! it is challenging singing in different languages, they sing in english, swedish, french, spanish and heaps more but at least it is never dull!! i am in the soprano section and having a blast- last friday i sang my first swedish song!!!

another "first" for my time in sweden was last weekend when i had my FIRST SWIM IN SWEDEN!!! oh my god it was so bloody freezing cold!!!!! i swam in the ocean with my host mother for about 10 seconds before deciding to get out before i get pnemonia hahaha. aparrantly the water was 18 degrese but i think it was more like 10....

well hope everyone is well.... must get to class now- groan.
everybody keep your fingers, toes and anyother body parts you can, crossed for the aussies in the last, deciding test match against england in the Ashes series starting today. we have to win this game or else england wins the ashes for the first time in 16 yrs!!! arg!! this CANNOT HAPPEN!!!

cya xxxxx
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
11:47 am
Finally an update!!
Hello Hello All!!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking, just in case you thought my lack of lj posting had indicated my death. No no, I am in fact far from it- just that I have been disconnected from the internet for the last two months, TRAVELLING!!! Also I have put off updating coz I wanted to post some photos up too... but I have realised that it will take me the next 6 months to sort through all of them and label them etc, so I had better not wait for that.... so guys, photos to come soon!!

The first 3 weeks were on a Europe Tour with 51 other exchange students, and we went around Germany (Berlin and Dresden), Czech Republic (Prague), Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna, Zell am See), Italy (Lido di Jesolo, Venice), France (Lyon, Paris), Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp), Germany (Hagen) and then back to Sweden!!! I couldn't possibly tell you all the interesting things that happened on the trip coz it would take you hours to read, so let me select a few:

Paris: We were actually there for Bastille Day (National French Day) so there was patriotism electrifying the air, a parade down the main street, and FIREWORKS OFF THE EIFFEL TOWER!!! Plus we had a French girl with us so she knew where to take us for the best views!!!

Venice: Of course we took a Gondola ride through the canals which was really nice. However, one of the girls in my gondola said she studied Italian for quite a few years, only she couldn't remember much. Then her eyes brightened and she goes "Oooo I do remember something!" and proceeds to tell our very charming (but way too old) gondola driver that "she loves him with all of her heart"!!!!!!!! The guy laughed and then bent down to give her a kiss on the cheek (while we were all in shock, wondering what the hell she told him!)

Lido de Jesolo: A group of us decided we really needed clean clothes, so walked down to the laundry mat (½ hr) only to find ONE washing machine... we pooled our clothes in together and walked back with wet clothes (which weren't really that clean coz the loads had been so full that one girls clothes which had been folded up actually came out still folded up!!). Then we all hung our washing over the hotel room balconies. I left mine there overnight, thinking they would be almost dry in the morning.... well they would have been probably, if it hadn't rained that night!!!!! Anyway I left them there still coz the day looked like it would be a good drying day, but when I got back to my hotel I discovered that dry clothes weigh less than wet clothes so at least one pair of undies and one bra had been blown away....!!! lol. there you go; I left my mark in Italy.....

Lido de Jesolo: Also in Italy about 20 of us exchange students went out to a local club which was pretty good. (Though I could be in a club anywhere like USA, Australia Sweden, they all play the same music!!). Anyway we were all just dancing away when a few HOT Italians started dancing with us..... that’s how I met Johnny.... mmmmmm anyway nothing happened, we just danced and yelled in each others ears questions and answers, and kissed a bit and then the night was over....

And finally: Austria: Well you guys know that I had never seen "the sound of music" before.... well now I have seen it!! And loved it!! Each driving day we slept on the bus in the morning, then watched a film and chatted later in the day. As we were driving through Austria they put on the sound of music (I was the only one on the bus who hadn’t seen it). It was pretty surreal, I’d watch the screen and see beautiful rolling hills of the Austrian Alps, and then id look out the bus window and see the same thing in real life!! Totaly amazing!!. and yes i did enjoy the film.

Anyway, I am going to save info form the next trip (Sweden, Denmark, England, Italy and Ireland with Mum) for another post coz this one is getting too long. I hope your winter holidays were good and that getting back into work/uni has been ok!! I’d love to hear from you guys and what you’ve been up to lately in an email or something (though I cant complain, I have not exactly been the best person to send and reply to emails!)

Luv all you guys!!!
Katty xxx
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
3:46 pm

Guess what???

On Friday I got driven around the countryside by a REAL LIFE DUKE!!! hahahahaha. and he showed me his castle (yes he owns a castle, and used to own most of the land surrounding lund before the state made him sell it for developments). then we went and saw his friends castles and properties, and get this- one of them has a moat around it!! omg! and one of the castles was lived in by both a swedish king and danish king during the war between denmark and sweden ages ago. so i will back track a bit and tell you exactly how i got in contact with the Swedish gentry: On thursday evening I made a powerpoint presentation to my rotary club on Australia. the presentation was VERY basic, as microsoft powerpoint was in swedish, making it hard for me to use any fancy options lol. i was actually sitting in front of the computer with a swedish-english dictionary next to me lol. anyway so i made this speech. of which the introduction and conclusion was in swedish (yay! the rotarians seemed impressed and happy i made the effort- i got a round of applause after the introduction!). and one of the rotarians at that meeting just happened to be this duke. and so on friday afternoon he called me and organised to take me for a SHORT (that would be 2 hours, and only stopped because he had a meeting hahaha) drive in the countryside. it was a rather amusing experience, particularly because his hearing aid didn't work very well so when i tried to ask questions he wouldn't hear me. anyway it was unusual but rather enjoyable afternoon.

Saturday there was a district conference for rotary, so i met up with all the other exchange students which was cool. the four australians did a presentation on australia- we sang the happy little vegemite song, had a taste testing of ANZAC bikkies, timtams and vegemite, had a chat in aussie slang- complete with translations, and finally sang the national anthem. the rotarians doing the taste test were so cute when they tried vegemite, trying to be polite but quite obviously not liking it at all hahahahaha. not that i blame them. anyway that night i went to a jazz and blues festival in Malmö with Casey which was really really good. it was a little strange, since we were the only under 40's there, but it was good music anyway lol. it was a total rip off- 40 bucks, but it was such a laugh to see the 40-60 year olds have a dance, and we even got up for a dance ourselves!!!! hahaha. i dont think i have laughed so hard since i got to sweden!!!´

anyway today is recoup day before another week at school. groan. i have homework due tomorrow that i haven't finished yet. talk about flashback to last year!!! hahaha. unfortunately this is swedish homework which i really should do if i am ever going to grasp this language so i better get to it!


Saturday, May 14th, 2005
9:13 am

Arg. So I can't actually think very well at the moment, but I will give it a try anyway mellanmjolk .

total number of books owned:

God heaps. Though probably not as many as people might think, because I don't really buy very many books anymore. I found that since I go through them so quickly, it is more cost effective to borrow them from the library. Couldn't give you a number, even if I was in Oz.

Last book I bought:

"Someone Like You". Ok, picture this. I am packing my luggage for a year, limited to 25kg plus 8kg handluggage. Does that work?! Nope! arg. So i had to get really harsh and leave out a few things like books and clothes I probably wouldn't fit into when I gained the inevitable "exchange weight". But I was at the airport with ramble_on111 </span>and eillomnworb, who ask whether I have something to read on the plane. In panic I realise that all I have to keep me entertained is my music, so I had better get something quicksmart! Thankfully I my handluggage had already been weighed, so I bought a rather fat modern relationship novel which was not depressing or intellectual- just the thing for a 43 hr flight (I read it three times hahaha). I also bought a trashy magazine like Cosmo or something.  

last book I read:
"Someone Like You" ok, you know how I reread books to death! It is the only english book here I own, so I have read it quite a few times since I have been here.... But the book before that was from the (very limited) english section of my school library- called "Sushi For Beginners". Hahaha, VERY good.

5 books that have meant something to me:

*Tomorrow When The War Began series by John Marsden. Sorry mellanmjolk, I have to steal this one from you. I tried out the series when I was 11, and hated it (only made it through about a quater of the book). But I went back to it 3 years later and loved them to death. I read the entire series in under a week, though I was dissapointed with the last book.
*The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Yup Sci-Fi/Fantasy freak that I am, I absolutly adore these books. I think he writes so well and though the movies are good, I think the books are a whole lot better.
*Swinging On A Star. This book I think struck a nerve in me when I read it for the first time. Have you ever read a book where a character in it is just way to close to you for comfort. Well this is mine.

*The Sky Is Falling- no not the henny penny one. This is actually a novel!! This book marked the end of my "Babysitters Club" faze, I will remember always reading this book and thinking "the BSC are so childish compared to this, how can I ever read one seriously again?". In hindsight, it is not really that mature, but definitely more advanced than the babysitter rubbish that I was obsessed with for an unhealthy amount of time.
*Ok, Sorry guys, but I have to say last but not least- Gone With the Wind (and its sequal Scarlett). *Cringe* Yup, despite seeing the movie (which I thought was terrible, and if I ever go into movie-making this is one I would like to redo), I found this book appealed to my hopelessly old-style romantic side. I fell in love with Rhett Butler and adored Scarlett O'Hara from the first reading. This is one book that does not dilute with each reading, but retains its passion and liveliness forever. *sighs*

Well, I have to admit this list looks a bit sad really. But I suppose there is no hiding my nerdy/reality/romantic/Sci-Fi/Fantasy odd assortment of books. Though looking back on it I am glad that I have a range of genres. I am only sorry that it really does not contain any "high-brow" reading, though had I a few more points, next on my list would be one of the "classics" like Pride and Prejudice.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
8:08 pm
Well I had quite an "Australian" day yesterday, owing to the public holiday that is Monday: ANZAC day!! Ok, so it was 2 days early, but we figured that since we don't get a holiday on Monday, that Saturday was the best day for all of us to meet up....

Myself, Flick (from Brisban), Casey (from Grafton) and Caitlyn (From Melbourn) all got together for a cooking frenzy, baking lamingtons, pavlova, Vegemite pinwheels, chocolate cake and of course ANZAC bikkies!! Don't ask me what chocolate cake had to do with Australian, but it was damn good anyway. Does anyone else find it weird that "Australian" food is so unhealthy and predominatly desserts?? I guess a BBQ is also Aussie, but seriously, are we CHOOSING to only remember the really yummy stuff, or is that all that we Australians can really call our own?? Anyway! We packed it all up and sat in Kings Park, on beach towels, huddled in our winter coats, and had a picnic feast!! AND we tied up an Australian flag on the tree behind us lol. Unfortunatly, we had eaten a lot of the food during the baking process, so we were already quite full.... but we still had a good old chat and laugh about things before we all went home to our respective towns.

God i miss home. Like a lot. like achingly so. Early last week i had quite a case of homesickness (involving lying curled up on my bed and having a good cry for a while), except I am so glad i am over it now. i felt so crap, like this year was endless, and it felt like AGES since i had seen all my Australian friends... and i so badly wanted to call people for a chat. like a random "hey how are you" phone call like i might have made from home. but then i realised it would be 3am sydney time, so it was probably not a good time to call for a chat....

Anyway i am over it now. also turns out my mum might be coming over in July for a visit and some travelling which would be so great.

I did a speech on Australia in class the other day. It was supposed to be 5 min, but when i wrote it out (or rather typed it out) it was 15min long!! ahhh. so, when i managed to crap it into 7min, it ended up having far too much information in it (that was the feedback i got from the class) but aparently the delivery was great which was important, since it was the speech class i was giving the talk to.... i wrote up some aussie slang which confused the hell out of them but also got a few laughs and some curiosity....

Yup, well. thats everything i can think of. better go. xxx.

you can see my photos at:
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
11:47 am
Hey guys! time for a Winter ski camp update!!!
Well it was Saturday (2nd April) afternoon when four aussie gals (me, Casey, Caitlyn and Flick) from the south of sweden hopped on a train preparing for a 14 hour trip to Åre. Our luggage was phenomenal, ranging from suitcases to backpacks to skiis and of course the "food bag" (containing everything from sandwiches and chips to muffins and biscuits). Changeover in Stockholm, where Sarah, another Aussie, recognised our aussie accents and asked whether we were exchange students heading to Åre. A new friend made, we hopped on the train, only to find another 4 exchange students from USA, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand. The 10 of us stayed up chatting until about 2am, when we retired to bed until arrival at Åre at 7am Sunday morning.

The rest of sunday was a rotary talk on the program and rules for the week, hiring ski/snowboard gear, and then the afternoon was spent on the slopes. Ok, so i am far from a pro skier, however by the afternoon i was comfortably doing the green runs (easiest) without falling over. That night we had get-to-know-you games until retiring to out rooms for bed.

Monday morning we all had ski/snowboard school, as they divided us up into abilities. guess what? i was in the intermediate group!? yay! by lunchtime most of out group could do blue (second easiest) runs without too much trouble. After lunch we had free time, so i skied with about half of my class down the runs we did in the lesson.

Monday night we got divided up into out countries and told to prepare a presentation for wed night. turns out that of the 40 exchange students on the camp, 19 were australian!!! We all had a good old chat about aussie cliches, paid out each others states and finally decided on doing a footy sketch and some aussie songs.

Tuesday was ski school again, which for me ended a bit early. let me elaborate. I am on the t-bar lift, ready to get off. except it catches on my leg, whips me off my feet, where my ski gets wrapped around the pole. i ended up being dragged past the caution poles and over the trip wire before the entire lift stopped for me. A medic came on a snowmobile and took me down to the bottom of the mountain. My knee was pretty twisted so i rested it for the rest of the day, but refused to go to hospital. anyway seeing as i skiied the following two days it must have been ok.

Wednesday afternoon me and 5 others went to check out the town of Åre. it turned out to be VERY small and quite touristy, everything very overpriced. That night all the countries did a presentation: Italy talked about past, Switzerland rated chocolate, America did linedancing, but of course Australians were the best. We sang the national anthem, did a footy sketch, sang the happy little vegimite song (while passing around bread and vegimite for ppl to try), kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, and also home among the gun trees.

Thursday afternoon me and a few others went dog sledding which was really cool, though at some points a bit scary. By the end of the week I was able to ski comfortably down blue slopes, and a little less comfortably but still able to do some red slopes too!! i am totally stoked!!!

This entry is getting a bit boring so i will end with saying please check out my photos, i have a new photobucket account, coz the other one was full:

and now:

hope everything is great with you guys!!
take care xxx

ps. guess what?? "footy" is not in the photobucket dictionary hahaha. go aussie slang!!
Monday, March 28th, 2005
9:30 pm
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!! (for yesterday). ok so i am a day late, but seeing as i have had no computer access for a whole week, i am sure that is ok.

Well my Easter holidays have just finished, and what a wonderful break they have been. I took the train up to Örebro and met Maddie last monday. It was great to finally catch up with a friend who i have some history with and who i feel i know quite well. and was also good to speak fast english without worrying about the other person understanding.... Tuesday we were off to Stockholm where we toured the Royal Palace, saw a warship from the 1600's, toured the city by tourist bus and also squeezed in some shopping. Stockholm is an amazing city- like Sydney its around water, but it is actually based on a few islands off the mainland, all connected by a network of bridges!!

Interestingly enough, this was to be the week of icecream eating, possibly due to our excitement of hitting double digit positive temperatures!! Both Maddie and I ate icecream 6 times in 5 days which i think was quite impressive.

Thankfully our accommodation in Stockholm was arranged through a rotary contact- in fact we stayed with a rotarian's daughter and her husband. Cecilia and Frederik were very kind, taking us out to dinner and also taking time off work to show us a bit of the city. Thursday we were back on a bus to Örebro where we had a day early Easter dinner with her host family. Friday i walked on water!!!! At least the frozen type when Maddie's host family took us to a local lake which had frozen over.....

Can you believe that we actually had an outdoor BBQ where we sat in their backyard without jackets and had a frankfurt in a bread roll!!?? It felt like a hot summer day, though it only got to around 15 degrees. ah well better than nothing!

Friday afternoon, i was back on the train to Båstad where my host family's holiday house is. They were there from Thursday, and we stayed until Monday afternoon. In Båstad we alternated in work and relaxing- my job was window cleaning and i think i have now perfected the art! lol.

Yesterday I rang home to have a chat, felt good but miss everyone quite a bit. since both Australia and Sweden have changed the clocks for daylight saving, we are 8 hours instead of 10 hours apart. crazy.

Overall a great easter break. it was so nice to catch up with Maddie and also have a break from the daily school routine. Next Saturday I am off to Åre for a winter ski camp, so stay tuned for the next update!!

can't be bothered posting photos, so you can just go to my photobucket album, album name: kattywoman. sorry bout that. hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

ps. nat have you got your birthday present yet?? its been a week and a half now since i sent it!? maybe easter public holidays has slowed it down. sorry it is so late, hope you get it soon!!
Friday, March 4th, 2005
5:16 pm
Hey guys!
Just thought i would post a few pictures to show you what i have been up to. For more, go to photobucket with username: kattywoman.

Surprise! Pictures!!Collapse )

Apart from that, I have been busy organising things for up and coming weekends, like I am visiting Maddie in the Easter holidays!! yay!! I can't wait. Also planning a trip to Copenhagen with the other Aussie rotary exchange students... stay tuned!

So far, the homesickness is bearable. It tends to come in flashes, like if i hear a certain song or something. I have memories of Emma playing House of the Rising Sun on the guitar, and of Rosa singing along to Downtown etc. And since I have a 25min walk to school, and i listen to my mp3 player the whole way, these memories do surface often enough.

However, I have been so busy that I have not had that much time to think about australia. nights are the worst. i wonder if i will ever see a truly blue sky, or if i will ever feel the heat of a 35 degree (thats POSITIVE 35) day again. but i mostly miss the people. my family and my friends. People who mean a lot to me, who are so far away. And then i remember that this is only for a year and i better make the most of it, live in the moment and remember that everyone and everything will still be there when i get home.

luv u guys and miss u heaps!!
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